Feel free to email me with any questions that aren’t addressed here.

Am I available on your date?
Check here to see my calendar (insert link). I have no problem with multiple weddings in one day if time and distance allow. If I am not available, I do have additional clergy that I can refer.

What about the rehearsal?
I am usually available for wedding rehearsals, schedule permitting. If you need me for your rehearsal be sure to book me! I am happy to run the rehearsal for you, line the Bridal Party up, march people in and out and go through the ceremony. Rehearsal fee $75.

Can you run my wedding?
Small, simple weddings are no problem. I can help the Bridal Party line up and get you down the aisle. Afterwards, I can get you ready for pictures. Larger weddings should be run by a friend or better yet a day of planner. See my list of favorite vendors.

How long have you been performing weddings?
My first wedding was in September of 1995!

Do you have sample ceremonies and outlines to review?
Yes, I do! I am happy to send them for you to review before we meet. I am always adding new ideas and writing new parts for ceremonies so if you do not see what you are looking for let me know!

Can we make changes and suggestions?
Of course! Your input is always welcome. Some of my favorite ceremony parts have come from my couples suggestions. My absolute favorite is a Unity Beer ceremony from a Saint Patrick’s Day wedding. Meaningful for the couple and fun for everyone else! But don’t worry, I will make sure your Wedding meets all of the legal requirements!

Do we invite you to the dinners?
I am honored to attend Rehearsal Dinners and Receptions. I get to know you and your families and friends better and share a few laughs. Though fun it is not necessary to invite me and I am happy either way.

What was the most moving wedding you have celebrated?
Dear friends asked me to celebrate their 25th Wedding Anniversary/Vow Renewal. Having been married in shorts, t-shirts and high–tops at their first ceremony the bride wanted to wear a wedding dress and surprise her husband. Before she made her entrance I informed the groom of the surprise to which he replied, “She has always been worth it even when it was shorts and t-shirts.” I was all mushy and teary before I finished the opening paragraph!

What is the biggest wedding mistake I have made and “vowed” never to repeat?
Not saying ‘No” to a bride when she really needed to hear it. I am a professional with over 20 years of experience and I should have known better. The ceremony she requested was awkward and had 3 “Unity Ceremonies” within it. I did manage to pull it all together though!

What’s the best compliment a wedding guest has ever given you?
“I love going to weddings but your ceremony took me all the way back to mine and reminded me why I got married. Thank you.”

What do you love about celebrating weddings?
I love the people and bringing them together! I have helped young people the world stacked against them, couples just out of college with their lives before them and couples reunited after many years apart. It’s about love, building and strengthening it through marriage!

How will you dress? Are their options?
That depends on many things, the style of the wedding, the location, the season and the couple’s desires. I wear a range of styles for weddings, from a casual Khaki linen suit to dressier 3 piece suits and formal church attire such as the white alb and stole, or cassock.

Are there any kinds of weddings that you will not do?
I don’t do clown weddings, Elvis weddings, naked weddings, or weddings that do not meet state requirements.

How long is the ceremony?
Length of the ceremony is determined by the type of ceremony and the desires of the couple for the ceremony. Please keep in mind that in our hectic world it takes time for guests to become truly present to a ceremony and a “short and sweet” ceremony means most guests may not be aware that you got married. Non-denominational ceremony runs 20-25 minutes, Catholic ceremony outside of mass 30-35 minutes and Catholic ceremony with mass 60-90 minutes.

Can family or friends participate in the ceremony?
Yes! Family and friends are always welcome to read the Scripture, recite poems, a reading from a favorite book or even sing or play an instrument!

We are a little “different.” Are you supportive of inter-faith, inter-denominational, same-sex, secular weddings, etc.?
The simple answer is, “Yes!” I can see God in most religions and individuals and have officiated at many Catholic and Jewish or Buddhist, Muslim and Christian and different denomination Christian weddings. One of my first weddings in 1995 was a same-sex wedding. As to secular weddings I am not licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia to do them but I am able to offer a “Spiritual” service that speaks of God in a more ambiguous way. So just ask, I am open to other paths!

Do you offer counseling?
I am not a licensed counselor nor do I have a degree in counseling. I am happy to meet with you and go over the basics of married life and relationships. If during a session I perceive issues beyond my abilities I will recommend counseling with a professional.

Can we write our own vows?
Of course you can! I recommend that we use the vows in my ceremony so as to fulfill any legal requirements and then your vows after you exchange your rings. Doing it this way takes some of the pressure off of you!

Are you comfortable with creativity or theme weddings?
Well I have done weddings where the men all wore kilts and another were everyone was dressed in renaissance attire so yes, I think I am comfortable with theme weddings. I am a historic reenactor after all!

What is the best way to reach you?
Phone, email and text are all good. If you do text please send a follow up email just in case. I am not always near to the answer and may forget a text by the time I get home!

Is it appropriate to tip you?
Though tipping at weddings has become more of a custom in all service areas, it isn’t mandatory. I am always grateful for any tips that come my way and usually put them to good use in my ministry.

Is there a place where I can read reviews about you?
Yes, Get Me To I Do is on WeddingWire where I have over 50 reviews. You can also leave reviews for me there as well!