[REBLOG] A Priest with Personality
20 Sep 2017

[REBLOG] A Priest with Personality

“The first time Rev. Tony and I had a rehearsal together, I couldn’t believe my ears.

We were at the Williamsburg Winery one September afternoon and a baby was crying somewhere in Wessex Hall. His immediate response without even hesitating: “Wonderful, you brought something to sacrifice!” The entire space erupted with laughter and just like that the ice was broken.

After we rehearsed and everyone was on their way to dinner, he instructed me to make sure a barrel of wine was properly secured to his Prius and quickly walked away to confirm a few details with the bride. I had just met the man, but I could tell we were going to be best friends forever.

It’s one thing for me to share these memories with you, but it’s another thing altogether to experience them yourself. Sure, I can refer vendors who I might think are a great fit, but hopefully our Champagne with Cherry Blossom YouTube series will help illustrate the why factor.

Without further ado, I would like to present to you Rev. Tony Hash:”

SOURCE: Cherry Blossom Planning Factory
AUTHOR: Crystal Salazar


Eric Hause