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Norfolk virginia weddings


Your wedding day is not just a pledge of love, a gathering of friends and family, flower arrangements, beautiful food, dances and words said by your officiant, but the culmination of these things and so much more.

You may have started planning a year in advance or as recently as a few months ago, but one of the most important things to be able to cross off your to-do list is to find an officiant.

As a minister ordained in 1993, an actor and historic re-enactor, Rev. Hash has the presence and creative abilities to perform your service according to your desires making your day memorable and one of ease and joy.

Most of our services are non-denominational.

Many couples do not have a specific denominational background or they come from different denominations or different faiths. We are able to meet the needs of every couple and are happy to use rites and prayers and rituals from a variety of sources to ensure that what we use has special meaning for you. (We also do Catholic, inter-faith and spiritual ceremonies.)

We love friends and family!

We are happy to incorporate your family or friends into your service with special readings, songs, the lighting of candles and in many other ways as well. Even with all the planning, sometimes family and friends cannot be at your wedding for whatever reason; we can remember them as well as those who are no longer with us with words of remembrance and comfort.

It’s all in the wording.

Holy Scripture is always a beautiful way to express your faith during your ceremony. The words can have great meaning to you and your family. Also, we are comfortable with historic writings, poetry and spiritual writings of other traditions. Finding the right words is important, and we value your thoughts, ideas and recommendations.

The giving of rings and the exchange of vows are a perfect time to express your love in your own words, but if you fear that your voice may fail, we have wonderful repeat-after-me wordings, and even very simple “I do’s.”

Your ceremony is your expression of love.

Often a couple wishes to solidify their new life together more visibly by means of a unity ceremony. The traditional unity candle ceremony has grown beyond two candle flames lighting one larger candle flame, but many times involves family members as well.

Weddings outdoors, especially in a beach setting, often incorporate a sand ceremony, or a special reading and blessing over the couple’s hands, or even a wine ceremony that symbolizes the two individuals becoming one when wine is poured into one chalice. Ask us how we can add a special unity ceremony to your own service.

We guarantee happy endings!

Blessings, benedictions and dismissals can be handled in so many and important ways. These final words sum up the ceremony, send your family and friends out into the world with happy memories of your wedding, and set the stage for your new life together. This is all sealed by your first kiss and introduction.

Ask what we can do for this special climax of the day!