Virginia Beach Wedding Regulations

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A permit is not necessary to have a Virginia Beach wedding on the public beach.

If you would like to cordon off a portion of the public beach for a maximum of three hours you may apply for a Beach Wedding permit.

About Virginia Beach Weddings with a Permit

Virginia Beach wedding permits are issued from the Special Events and Film Office of the City of Virginia Beach. The permit fee is $200.00.

The permit reserves a location on the public beach for up to three hours, allows commercial set up on the beach (arches and seating, temporary fencing, cordons, etc.), and allows amplified sound that is at a reasonable decibel level.

No beach wedding permits are issued on Memorial Day Weekend, the week of 4th of July, Labor Day weekend, or for any location that will interfere with a major special event.

About Virginia Beach Weddings without a Permit

If you do not require a specific reserved space and are walking out to the beach with a few items, some friends and chairs that’s perfect! No permit is required for such an event, but there are some regulations:

  • Weddings are not permitted on the Boardwalk.
  • Parking is general public parking only.
  • Commercial deliveries are not permitted.
  • Arches and backdrops must be easily and non-commercially assembled and disassembled.
  • Items that can be hand-carried by those in attendance, such as chairs, canopies, tents, tables, and arches can be used.
  • Tents must be 10’ x 10’ or smaller.
  • No open flames, glass, alcohol, pets, or animals are permitted.
  • Due to environmental concerns, no helium balloons, fake flower petals, rice or birdseed, confetti, or streamers are permitted.

Little Island Park at Sandbridge is great Virginia Beach wedding venue with many amenities. The Park offers lifeguards, covered picnic areas, a children’s playground, and more. Phone: (757) 426-7200

Keep it Clean

Virginia Beach is a beautiful place to get married full of natural beauty. Remember to leave your beach location in the same condition in which you found it. Everything you brought to the beach must return with you!

Don’t forget to remove your directional guest signs immediately after your ceremony. Please do not use balloons, artificial flower petals, confetti, or streamers.

Please comply with environmental rules and obey beach signs (keep off the rock jetties, stay out of the dunes, do not block sidewalks or beach access.).