The Ceremony

This is where the magic happens!

It’s no secret a wedding can be stressful. It is my goal for your officiant to be one thing you don’t have to worry about.

Generally I arrive 30-45 minutes before the wedding.

I will do my best to check on all the essential parts needed for our ceremony:

  • Groom and Best Man. Does the Best Man have the rings?
  • Unity Ceremony. Are the Candles, Sand, Wine, etc. ready and in place?
  • Ring Bearer? Wait where did that kid run off too!?
  • Flower Girl. Does she have her flowers? Wait there are two flower girls?
  • Once I have the run-down of everything I check in with the Bride for a quick pep-talk.
  • Final check in line and down the aisle we go!

During the ceremony I will be there to guide you through it all. I will make sure you know where to stand, when to hand off your flowers, when to hold hands, when to look at each other, which hand and finger to place the ring on and yes….I will let you know when to kiss!

And then you can say it, CEREMONY. Check!!!