Ceremony Design

Setting the words to paper.

After our first meeting I take time to go over our notes, review our options and begin to design your ceremony. Our goal is to create something that reflects you, your love, commitment and style. If needed I will ask you more questions and gather more information.

We can honor your faith traditions and welcome inter-denominational, non-denominational and interfaith marriages. I have tons of reference material and will not shy away for writing something just for your wedding needs. We will create a ceremony full of beautiful memories just for you!

Your Ceremony can include:

  • Catholic, Non-denominational,
  • Inter-denominational and Inter-faith too
  • Gold Coins, Cord and Veil
  • The Participation of Your Guests
  • Remembrance of Family and Friends
  • Honoring of Parents
  • The Signing of the Ketubah or Marriage Document
  • Scriptural Readings and Secular ones too
  • Buddhist, Jewish and Muslim traditions
  • Contemporary Vow or Traditional Vows
  • The Lord’s Prayer
  • You may even speak your own vows to each other
  • Unity Sand Ceremony
  • Wine Box Unity
  • Beer Unity
  • You can even Tie the Knot. (No really it’s an actual knot with rope!)
  • Your Pronouncement can be Formal or Informal
  • Yes you get to KISS!

We will submit the ceremony to you for review, make any alterations needed and, once approved, that’s another thing checked off your list!

Ceremony Design. Check!

rev tony hash